I have been using "Buddy Books" with my Reading Recovery students all year and they love them! 
  I love telling my students "Buddy Books" were written by a Reading Recovery teacher!  "Buddy Books" are a great addition to my reading program!
Sharon Montesanti
Reading Recovery Teacher
Cameron Elementary School
Cameron, NC

My students enjoy going on all types of adventures with Buddy! Both my independent and developing readers keep asking for more "Buddy Books!"
These books have been great to use as springboards for my writing lessons!

Jane Hall
First Grade Teacher
Pinehurst Elementary School
Pinehurst, NC
My favorite Buddy Book is Little Buddy in the Tub because I can read most of the words. Buddy is so adorable!  My newest book is Baby Buddy.  He is the cutest dog I have ever seen on a book.  I love Buddy.  I can’t wait to meet him!
Lydia,  age 5
Pinehurst Elementary School

My daughter loves the "Buddy Books! "  Most of them travel in our car with us so that we can read them wherever we go.  I like them because she can read some of the words and she also loves to hear them read over and over.  "Buddy Books" are now part of our bedtime reading every night!
Marie Riedesel
Pinehurst , NC

Buddy Books made a difference in my hardest to teach student! Finding books to interest him after we stopped making books was difficult. Trevon became so interested in Buddy after he read My Name is Buddy Biscuit, not only did he beg me not to take the book out of his box - he started wanting to write about Buddy!  After returning from the Savannah conference and presenting Trevon with my picture made with Buddy and new books for him, you would have thought it was Christmas! The book, Buddy Plays Ball - Level 5, was easy for him.  I was afraid the Level 8, Buddy's Rules, might be difficult. Boy, was I mistaken!!  He was so excited about a dog making rules, he read through with little assistance.  It gave me a great opportunity to see him using the pictures against the print. The most profound statment Trevon has made while reading his new books was, "this is real dirt - Buddy must really be real!" - Mary Lane James, Consultant, Okefenokee RESA

My daughter Katy just loves her Buddy Books!  What I love the most about these books is how much the stories have inspired her to have a love of reading!  She received her first “Buddy Books” in preschool and couldn’t wait to learn how to read so that she could read them all by herself.  Now she is in kindergarten and can read just about anything.  Thanks Buddy for inspiring my child to love reading!!
Molly A. Stoltenberg, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Pinehurst Elementary School