Read Aloud!
This full-color book brings to life the true tale of Buddy's journey from a mischievous and naughty young Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) into a good as gold Certified Therapy Dog and "Reading Buddy" dog for the Moore County Schools in Pinehurst, NC.
In this book you will see how Buddy's owners seek professional training that helps them become his "pack leaders" and "fix his little red wagon!"  This book is a great read-aloud for young children with many amusing and vibrant illustrations.  Anyone who has ever experienced difficulties with their dog's behavior can relate to this entertaining story.
Fixin' Buddy's Little Red Wagon is a great way
to introduce Buddy and the "Buddy Books!"

Meet the Illustrator!
Sally Hale Adams graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University and has also earned her teaching certification.  “Fixin Buddy’s Little Red Wagon” is her first book to illustrate. 
Sally is also very fond of Buddy!

Fixin' Buddy's Little
Red Wagon