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Set A: (SETA-LEV2-6-BB) $40.00 10 Books Levels 2-6 includes:(Buddy Likes to...;My Name is Buddy Biscuit; NO, Buddy;Buddy's Toys;Hide and Seek Buddy;Buddy Rides;Where is Buddy Going?; Buddy Plays Ball; Buddy Gets Dirty; Can We Play?)
Set B: (SETB-LEV6-12-BB) $72.00 18 Books Levels 6-12
includes:(Buddy at the Beach;Buddy Goes on a Walk; Buddy's Rules;Buddy Goes Trick-or-treating;Buddy's Friends;A Valentine for Buddy;Buddy Makes Dog Cookies;The Adventures of Buddy and Stuffed Buddy;Buddy's New Little Sister;Buddy's Boo-Boo;Buddy and the Big Dog;Snow Buddy;Buddy and Lily's New Puppy Pals;I used to be Naughty;Buddy's Christmas;Buddy and the Little Puppy;.Buddy's Summer Diary;All the Little Terriers)
Set C: (SETC-LEV13-20-BB) $73.00 18 Books Levels 13-18/20  includes:(Buddy at School;Buddy Visits a Shelter; Lily, Buddy and Charlie (the 3 amigos);Buddy and Lily's New Neighbor; Buddy and Lily Celebrate the 4 Seasons;Buddy on the Farm;A Party for Buddy;Vote for Buddy; Buddy and Lily Visit Prancing Horse; Buddy's Birthday;Buddy and Lily go on Vacation;Baby Buddy;Another Wonderful Day in the World of Buddy;Buddy has a Play Date;The Great Buddy Mix-up;Buddy, the Therapy Dog) plus: Rock and Roll Buddy (book/song); Buddy's Mountain Vacation:Chapter Book
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All 46 Buddy Books:  $185.00

Complete Set Buddy Books:
6 each of all 46 titles: $1110.00
Reading Recovery Book List Titles: $112.00  28 Books:
(Buddy likes to;This is Lily; Lily Goes to Dog School; Buddy's Toys; Can We Play?;Buddy Rides;Where is Buddy Going?;Buddy Plays Ball;Buddy Gets Dirty;Buddy at the Beach;Buddy's Rules; Buddy Goes Trick-or-treating; Lily's First Birthday; A Valentine for Buddy;Buddy Makes Dog Cookies; Buddy's New Little Sister;The Adventures of Buddy and Stuffed Buddy;Buddy's Boo-Boo;Buddy and the Big Dog;Buddy's Summer Diary;Buddy and the Little Puppy; Lily, Buddy and Charlie; Buddy at School; Buddy Visits a Shelter;A Party for Buddy; Buddy's Birthday;Buddy and Lily go on Vacation;Buddy, the Therapy Dog)